Organizing & Scientific Committee


Karin Schara MD, MSc, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

Iris Marolt MD, MSc, Consultant Diabetologist

Prof. Boris Mankovsky MD, PhD, Consultant Endocrinologist


Prof. Andrej Janež MD, PhD

Andrej Janež, MD, PhD, is a Slovenian Diabetologist and a diabetes researcher. Currently he is the head of Dept. of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Disease at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Assistant Professor for Internal Medicine at Medical Faculty University of Ljubljana, Chairman of the Advances in Diabetes and Insulin Therapy (ADIT) conference. He authored numerous articles on diabetology and indexed by Science Citation Index. He wrote all the currently available literature about functional insulin therapy in adults in Slovenia and co-edited a clinical manual on continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy or insulin pump treatment. The latter is also the best-known area of Dr. Janežič’s scientific work. In 2008, he went on to establish a new unit – Unit for functional insulin therapy – within the University Medical Centre Ljubljana.

Prof. Peter Kempler MD,  PhD, DSc

Peter Kempler, MD, PhD, DCs is Professor of Medicine at the 1st Dept of Medicine, Semmelweis University. His clinical interest includes mainly type 2 diabetes and especially diabetic neuropathy. He is the Chairman of NEURODIAB (EASD Neuropathy Study Group). Since 2002, he has been invited every year as session chairman of the annual meetings of the EASD. He served as an Executive Committee Member of the Central European Diabetes Association for the period 2014-2018, as well as Program Executive Board Member of ADIT (Advances in Diabetes and Insulin Therapy). He is currently the President of Central European Diabetes Association and of the Hungarian Diabetes Association. He is a regular reviewer for journals including Nature Neurology, Diabetes Care, Diabetic Medicine and Diabetologia. In the last 20 years he has won many scientific awards and prizes, including the Master Tutor Gold Medal.

Prof. Marina Shestakova MD, PhD

Professor Marina Shestakova – leading scientist in the field of diabetology in Russian Federation. She is well-known expert in diabetic nephropathy. She published numerous articles in the prestigious peer-reviewed journals concerning epidemiology of diabetes mellitus, new treatment of patients with diabetes, arterial hypertension and kidney disease. She is the Head of Institute of Diabetes in Moscow. She was elected as the full member of Russian Academy of Science. Professor Shestakova presented and chaired sessions at the most important international events in the field of diabetology.