Abstract submission

Abstract submission is now CLOSED.

Participants who would like to present their work must submit an abstract in English. A maximum of 3 abstracts per participant, may be submitted.

Only abstracts of authors who have paid their registration fees will be scheduled and included in the Congress materials.

Rules for Submission
An author from each abstract is expected to attend the congress and present the poster or oral presentation.

All abstracts must be submitted and presented in clear English with accurate grammar and spelling of a quality suitable for publication. If you need help, please arrange for the review of your abstract by a colleague who is a native English speaker, by a university scientific publications office (or other similar facility) or by a copy editor, prior to submission.

Only abstracts of authors’ who have paid their registration fees by March 31th, 2019 will be scheduled for presentation.

Guidelines for Submission
Before you begin, please prepare the following information:

  • Author and co-authors’ details: full first and family name(s), title
  • Affiliation details: department, institution / hospital, city, state (if relevant), country
  • Presenting author’s contact details: E-mail address
  • Abstract title – limited to 20 words
  • Abstract text – limited to 250 words
  • Abstract topic – Abstracts must be allocated to a specific topic for the Scientific Program.
  • Tables, graphs and images – You can submit maximum 2 files. The maximum size of each file is 1MB. Please reference the image/table/graph in the text as it will be posted at the end of the abstract. Each image/table/graph must contain the appropriate title (for example Image 1, Table 1 etc.) for it to be published.

Draft abstracts – The submission form at the link below doesn’t allow you to store your abstract as a draft in order to make changes. Please note that abstracts must be submitted before the deadline in order to be sent to review for inclusion in the Scientific Programme.

Sumbmit your abstract HERE.